Beer Memories Museum 

Welcome to the new digital museum of photos, documents, videos and recordings about the village of Beer in Devon

This is a new museum that's been created to preserve and share the past of our village.  The content has been provided by people who live in Beer or have lived in Beer, or who would love to live in Beer.


This is the first stage of this web site, built by DIY volunteers and not by professionals.  We can try things out and change them to improve on what we've done so far, before we pay professionals to make a proper job of everything.  We've received a small grant from the National Lottery to help us with that.


If you think that you can add to or improve on any of the content - perhaps a more accurate date for a photo or the names of any of the people who are in it - please just send in your information. To identify the individual image that you are looking at, let your cursor hover over the image and its ID should show up at the bottom of your browser, eg "images/00023.jpg".  When you want to tell us about any changes that are needed, please try to tell us the ID of the image that you mean.


If you have any content that you would like to share, please send that in too.  We can store and display anything that is digital - photos, documents, copies of paintings, video recordings and sound recordings.  Unlike a physical museum, we don't have any limits on storage space, so large high-resolution copies of photos and documents are exactly what we want.

To help us to know more, please send us the background information about what you send us - where it is, when it was - anything that you can.

The definition of what information we would like to have for the Catalogue about each item is shown here in the Data Dictionary.

By giving anything to the Museum you do not lose any copyright that you may have on the item, but you do grant a copyright on it so that we can show it in the Museum.  This copyright is granted to the Beer Mariners' Hall Charity, which was created for the benefit of the residents of Beer.


Like any museum, behind all of its content is a Catalogue of everything in this Museum with as much information about each item as we've been given.

We maintain the Catalogue using Microsoft Excel, and you can download the full up-to-date Catalogue by clicking here.


If you see any content that you believe that you have a right to and don't wish to share with others, and that you want to have removed from the Museum, please let us know.


Beer Memories Museum is a community project, and like any successful community, you'll get more out of it if you put more into it.


The Museum is organised in pages that are listed below, and that hopefully will make it easy for you to see all the content. 


Please note that the village also has a "Beer Village Remembers" web site about the men from Beer who fought in World War One.


We all hope that you enjoy what you find here, and join in adding to it over the years to come.






  Congregational Church

  Marine House

  Old Primary School

  Shepherd's Cottage

  Shops, Pubs, Cafes and Garages

  The New Church

  The Old Church

Comparison Pictures

Clubs & Associations

  Panto People

  Puffins at Beer


  2005 Atlantic Rowing Race

  Beer Regatta

  Flood of 2004


  Jubilee Celebrations

Fishing in Beer

Lacemaking in Beer



  Beer Beach

  Beer Cross / The Square

  Beer Head & The Common

  Beer Quarry Caves 


  Clapp's Lane

  Common Hill / Common Lane

  Fore Street

  Dolphin Road and Gordon Terrace

  Jubilee Gardens

  Long Hill / Church Hill

  New Cut

  New Road


  Piggies Path

  Sea Hill

  The Cliff

  The Meadows


People of Beer 

Sound Recordings

Video Recordings






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