Hello and welcome to the 6th edition of Beer Talks!

Despite the often dismal news out there, we do like to keep it positive here in Beer and so let’s start with a blast of community spirit and selfless generosity!


The photo opposite shows just a small sample of the response to the recent “call to craft” to help those on the front line in our local hospitals and care homes.  An ever growing Beer army of quilters, knitters, crocheters and sewing enthusiasts have been incredibly busy over the last few weeks making wash bags, non- clinical face masks, hair bands and comforters to send to our fabulous nurses and carers. These items are being sent with loads of kindly donated gorgeous toiletries and a BAG postcard. As you can see in this photo of some of the Sidmouth Hospital staff team, they are really appreciative of our efforts.  Isn’t that just lovely?

If you would like to join this crafty group, please let Wendy know on 07760 781695 – she’d be delighted to hear from you! If you would like to donate toiletries to add to the bags please give them to your coordinator who will take them to Lee’s Emporium (the new name for Lee Reeve’s garage!).

Our thanks must also go to Jean’s magnificent Beer Quilters, Beer WI and Busy Bees for their hard work organising this amazing effort! Over 445 individual items have been made to date but we do still need more, so please help us keep this magnificent production line going.

Updates this week:

  • Just a quick reminder that BAG is operating an Emergency Food Supplies service to support residents in the village – just call Lee Reeve on 07890 948262 for assistance;
  • The latest information we have on postal services is that for collection from the box at the bottom of Southdown Road, please post by 09.00 and for all other boxes please post by 11.00. There is a final collection from the Post Office itself at 11.15. This timetable applies Monday to Saturday. Please also note that there is a supply of food and household goods for sale at Rock Villa/the Post Office;
  • Beer Village Stores/Top Shop is no longer taking card payments over the phone but you can still order over the phone and pay on delivery;
  • Don’t forget that Andy at Steamers is still providing a takeaway service on a first come, first served basis, to anyone who wants one – please call Andy on 07900 036231;
    Smugglers’ Kitchen is cooking pizzas on Fridays so give them a call on 01297 22104;
  • If anyone would like a catalogue from Oaklands Foods, who can deliver delicious frozen meals to your home, please contact them directly on 0333 370 2514;
  • A belated “thanks” to Pecorama for letting us create the BAG Hub in the village;
  • One of our clever residents is now beavering away developing a Beer Village Quiz! More information to follow soon!
  • We are starting a couple of new history projects this week which is exciting! The first one, Tales of Old Beer, is collating memories of Beer going back as many years as we can. What was it really like growing up in Beer back in the day? If you have a story to tell please contact Richard Scott at rscottbeer@outlook.com on 07870 891581. You are, of course, allowed to remain anonymous if you wish and it is then quite fun for the rest of us trying to guess who you are! And photos are always welcome! We are also looking for Tales of Beer Blow-Ins – one of our lovely volunteers is now collecting stories of why the population of “Blow-Ins” chose to emigrate to Beer, so if you would like to share your Beer Blow-In story please contact Ruth Bullock at ruthtoohoots@gmail.com . As before, you are allowed to remain anonymous if you wish!
  • Beer Village website – coronavirus resources pages – we hope that you are all accessing our resources online at www.beervillage.co.uk. We’d now like to hear what you think about these resources, what you want more of and indeed less of, and how you would prefer to get your updates going forward. Please let us know by contacting Heather Morley on morley@hotmail.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!
  • Children’s Corner:
    • Take a look at the following link for some lovely resources for the children: https://jurassiccoast.org/what-is-the-jurassic-coast/things-to-do/jurassic-coast-home-learning-activities/;
    • What about getting your children to make flags to put in their windows? This week, we will be celebrating St George’s Day on April 23rd so let’s have St George’s flags on display across the village. Next week they can make Union Jack flags in preparation for VE Day on 8th Why not take some photos of the flags and upload to Facebook and Instagram?
    • Whilst schools are closed, audible.com have released lots of audiobooks for children – big, small or just young at heart! – for free!  From Harry Potter to Winnie the Pooh, books for the Littlest Listeners through to fiction for Teens, from the Classics to Education titles – learning numbers, learning about history, learning new languages, poetry…the list goes on.  These are available at stories.audible.com – there is no need to sign up, you can just start listening!
  • Read our New allotment BLOG  : April 16 update

Beer hangout
Join in the BAG Hangout

We would like to invite you to join the BAG hangout. Instructions are here Beer Hangout_Instructions[2], so take a look and get online!
We are also seeking hosts for the Hangout so if you are interested in taking part please contact beeractiongroup@gmail.com