Hello! Welcome to the third edition of Beer Talks!

First of all, we’d like to say a massive “thank you” to all those who have responded in any way to our call to action. What an incredible response from an absolutely amazing community! A special “thank you” goes to all the really hardworking and caring street coordinators and volunteers out there for the work they have done already distributing shopping, talking to neighbours and generally making us all feel part of a community that really cares. Keep up the amazing work people!

Updates this week:

  • On a negative but really important note, please be aware that someone’s shed was recently broken into, even though we are all on lockdown. It is absolutely essential that you remain vigilant and make sure your property is secure including your garden sheds and any other outbuildings. If you have any worries that your property might not be safe we do have a team we can call on to help.
    In the first instance please contact Terry Hoare on 07974 340190 or Nick Pearce on 07766 056621. Please also report any incidents to the police as usual.
    You should also be aware of various phone and internet scams at this time so be careful when speaking to people you don’t know. Please note that all of our coordinators and volunteers have been issued with Beer Action Group ID and they will also be carrying their driver’s license so that you can double check their ID with their photo. Annie Boalch’s number is also on the card so please call her if you have any concerns
  • Clap for the NHS – we are planning to do the Beer village version of this initiative every week on a Thursday night at a slightly earlier time than previously – 7pm – so that the children can join in. Please join us each week in thanking our fabulous NHS for all their amazing work. If people can video Beer’s action and post online that would be great
  • Website update – our beervillage.co.uk website is currently being redeveloped so that it can act as an information hub during this situation. Updates are currently being loaded to the website and these are the categories that we are currently looking at:
    • Beer Talks – the newsletters;
    • Fun!
    • Health and Fitness;
    • Mental Health and Wellbeing;
    • Updates from shops and delivery services;
    • Tech stuff;
    • Local coordinators;
    • Useful contacts.

Keep checking in to see what’s on the website and let us have any ideas you have;

  • Volunteering – if you would like to volunteer to support our community in any way, we would be delighted to hear from you – please call Lee Reeve on 07890 948262;
  • Further information on what’s happening with the local shops is on a separate newsletter and will be posted on the village Facebook pages as well as the website;
  • Finance – the BAG Committee are aware that some residents may be increasingly concerned about how they will pay for food and provisions as this crisis develops. If you are in this situation, please contact Lee Reeve on 07890 948282, and talk to her confidentially and she will try to provide you with necessary help and support. These are unprecedented times and we do not want anyone in this village to go hungry – we are all in this together;
  • Ok, so maybe it’s a bit premature, but we have to confess that we have already started planning our Beer Village End of Lockdown Street Party! In preparation so far we have miles and miles of bunting being produced, pebbles are being painted by children across the village and a lot of hard work is being put into the various festivities for the day. If you would like to get involved in any way, please contact Annie Boalch for further details. Absolutely everyone is invited! We deserve it!


As usual, more to follow in the coming weeks but we really hope you find this information useful and that it helps reassure you that help is at hand, no matter what.

Take care and stay safe!