Welcome to the 8th edition of Beer Talks!  

We hope you are all well out there and keeping safe. This week’s newsletter is a bumper edition as we want to make sure that you have the important information that we’ve been sending for the last few weeks.
If you would like to read it in full in pdf click this link  8 Beer Talks Final 040520 x

If you think we are missing any key topics, please let your volunteer or coordinator know. We’d love to hear from you!

Beer to celebrate VE Day 75th Anniversary on 8th May with a picnic in our gardens!

Beer VE Day poster
We cordially invite you to join the village community and the nation in celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day on May 8th with a unique picnic and party in our own gardens, starting at 3pm.
Let’s also take time during the festivities to send our best wishes to those who are feeling unwell or lonely at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we wish you a speedy recovery.


  • Thanks to the Barnards’ Buttoneers – a dedicated band of folk who are sewing buttons on comforters – superb job!
  • Thanks to Kate Boalch for coordinating the children’s activities and for decorating the BAG Hub.
  • Just a reminder that Winchester’s are still delivering fruit and veg to the village – please call 01395
  • Further information on shops and delivery services is available at beervillage.co.uk

Seaton Food Bank

Seaton Food Bank (which covers Beer as well) will be operating throughout this crisis. To access the service, you will need a referral form signed by either a School, Health Visitor, Mental Health Services or GP, Social Services, the Job Centre, a Church Minister, Citizens’ Advice or Action for Children.
If you have children under 8 years old, Amanda Partridge of Action For Children can refer you directly to the food bank service. Amanda’s contact details are 07540 919874 and amanda.partridge@actionfor children.org.uk
Referral agencies can contact the food bank by emailing foodbankseaton@gmail.com and they will assist you. At the moment the Seaton Food Bank is open every Wednesday between 2pm – 4pm and is located at Number One, 1 Harepath Road, Seaton, EX12 2RP. If you have been given a paper voucher, please bring it with you. If Foodbank receives an email from your referral agency they will phone you to find out what you need and make suitable arrangements with you.

BAG Food Service

BAG has put together a Food Service which now operates out of Lee’s Emporium at “Haddon”, which is at the end of Barline. This facility is open to absolutely anyone who needs it – just come and help yourself from the tables. It will be restocked on a regular basis so feel free to pop in and take what you need or contact your coordinator to collect for you.

Support to claim financial assistance

If you need help accessing financial assistance from government initiatives during COVID-19, such as help for the self-employed, please contact Lee Reeve on 07890 948262 in the first instance and she will direct your enquiry to the right person.

Support for struggling local businesses

If there are any local businesses out there who are in difficulties due to the coronavirus, please have a chat with Geoff Pook on 07966 490429 and he will be able to direct you to advice and support services administered by EDDC.

Support from trained counsellors

We have a list of trained counsellors should anyone wish, or need, to talk to someone confidentially. Please speak to Wendy Dodd on 01297 21853, who is qualified in Counselling and Guidance.

Support from our local churches

The churches in Beer are offering support and help to all at this difficult time. Both churches are now closed for the time being, but contact is still available for anyone who would like it. Contact the Rev. Jeremy Trew on 01297 20391 for St Michael’s or the Rev. Nigel Freathy on 01297 21496 for the Congregational Church.

Sew amazing!

Sew Amazing

We thought we would take this opportunity to give you a better idea of where the goodie bags are going – prepare to be amazed!
Dovecourt Care Home, Seaton, 20 bags and a painting donated by Maria Herbert;
Netherhays Care Home, Seaton, 25 bags and a painting (as above); Lyme Bay Care Home, Seaton, 8 bags and a painting (as above);
Seaswift Care Home, Seaton, 20 bags, 10 headbands and a painting (as above);
The Seaton Care Home, Seaton, 20 bags and a painting (as above); Elmwood Care Home, Colyford- 20 bags & a painting (as above); Doveridge Care Home, Colyford, 20 bags & painting (as above);
The Check House, Seaton, 36 bags and a painting (as above);
Overington Care Company, 10 bags and a painting (as above);
Thornfield Care Home, Seaton, 20 bags and a painting (as above);
Axminster Ambulance Crew, 10 bags;
RD&E Hospital, 800+ bags;
Sidmouth Hospital, 30 bags;

The Seaton Community Nursing Team have also had bags donated to them. And these are only the donations that we know about! Many bags have been going directly to care homes and staff, which is lovely! It does seem like our male care workers are feeling a little left out and so we’ve promised to make some bigger bags with more masculine toiletries, just for them!

We have had some lovely comments and photos back from those who have received our gifts, so we thought we’d share some of them with you over the coming weeks. Here’s a comment from Sophie from the staff on Bramble Children’s Ward at the RD&E Hospital:
Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to the Beer Group who kindly put these very special gifts together for us – we are so grateful for them! Much love!”
A message from Seaswift House:
“Thank you so much to the Beer Action Group for our lovely delivery of bags, lotions and balms for ourhome and staff – and the wonderful painting! Such a wonderful community spirit at this very difficult time. Bless you all!”
It is really lovely to hear that the hard work and dedication of the Beer sewers is really making a difference to those on the frontline. Thank you one and all!

Beer Lugger
Join our BAG Hangout!

Our BAG Hangout is growing its membership by the day. The hosted schedule currently looks like this:

  • Mondays: 1pm onwards – Children’s Hour;
  • Tuesdays: 1pm onwards – Wendy’s Sewers;
  • Wednesdays: 1- 2pm – Gayle Chapple hosts;
  • Thursdays: 2pm onwards – Beer Men’s Shed;
  • Fridays: 2pm onwards – Beer Village Heritage Group, commencing 15th

If you would like to host a hangout, say for a village group or society, just let us know by emailing beeractiongroup@gmail.com  If you are having trouble getting into the facility or joining Skype, please let us know at beeractiongroup@gmail.com or ask your coordinator for help. Let’s get Beer online!

Beer Film Society

The Beer Film Society have kindly shared with us their recommendations for great films to watch this week on TV.  Their full list is here: BEER FILM SOCIETY TV FILMS 0205 TO 0805[1]
The list contains favourites such as the King’s Speech and a Room with a View as well as old classics such as The Wooden Horse. Given that we will be commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE Day, there will be a plethora of old black and white war films to watch and so sit back and enjoy!
This week’s list of recommended films is being sent with this newsletter but if you have trouble accessing it for any reason, please just ask your local coordinator or volunteer for another copy of the list.
The Beer Film Society has also kindly pointed out that between 29th May – 7th June, “We are One: A Global Film Festival” will be running on YouTube, streaming will be free with viewers asked to donate to the WHO COVID- 19 Solidarity Response Fund. Showcasing documentaries, films, music, comedy and conversations, this will definitely be worth checking out.

Beer History Projects

We have three great social history projects on the go at the moment and we need your help! If you would like to get involved in the Beer In Lockdown diaries, please contact Annie on 07968 157136. Richard Scott is collating Tales of Old Beer and can be contacted at rscottbeer@outlook.com and finally Ruth Bullock is looking to bring together stories about why people have moved to live in Beer. Ruth can be reached at ruthtoohoots@gmail.com.

SOS Choir

The SOS Choir is still in excellent harmony, despite not being able to sing in the same room with each other for weeks and weeks! To hear their latest rendition of “When I needed a friend”, please go to the village website at beervillage.co.uk and click on the link.

Beer Care Cards – help needed!

Seaton’s Care Home Managers report that their residents (and there are over 200 in Seaton!) really miss contact with family and friends and feel a bit forgotten. News reports suggest that the vulnerable will remain isolated for some time to come, which will be challenging for many.
Local Beer residents, Norah and Henry Jaggers, have kindly donated postcards of Beer. The idea is that they can be addressed and written to individual residents, then laminated along with photos of Beer and/or a child’s drawing for distribution via the care home managers.
Here’s how to help with this initiative: In Lee’s Emporium, also known as the Garage of Wonders (!), you will find a box marked “Care Cards”. Please take a plastic bag (or indeed several!) from the box. Inside the bag you will find 4-6 postcards together with a list of names to write to. If you could write a message on the card to a care home resident and sign off with your first name and “Resident of Beer”, return the plastic bags to the Emporium and the team will organise the rest. Both adults and children can write the cards and A5 sized drawings would also be lovely.

If you have any questions, please contact Maddy Fripp on 07796 9302230 or email maddyfripp@gmail.com  Thank you! Your support is greatly appreciated!


Beer Action Group (BAG) would like to ensure everyone in the village has access to the newsletters and information we have been producing. If you would like to receive this information directly, could you please email your coordinator who will send you updates by email. If you do not have access to the internet, please ring or text your coordinator who will put you on a list for letterbox delivery.